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Exercise Roller

skating rink

Exercise Roller

Greetings to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport!

To date, there are enough exercises for the press. You can find many on my block in this article and here. But today we will talk about the miraculous ability to improve your figure and abdominal muscles with a stick on a wheel called a gymnastic roller..

A fairly simple and effective fitness projectile, which for many has become a benefactor and has served well in the process of reducing the abdomen and strengthening many core muscle groups. If you are a beginner athlete and there is still not enough finance to visit the gym, I advise you to purchase such an item in the sports goods store for pumping the muscles of the press and carry out a training program consisting of exercises at home.

First, let's look at the anatomical aspect of the involved muscle groups..

We make a division into the upper and lower muscle groups.

The upper part of the body is the muscles of the chest (large, small), back (latitudinal, posterior delta), shoulders (front, middle bundle), arms (triceps, flexors of the wrist).

The lower part is primarily the abdominal cavity, lumbar (rectifiers of the spine), rectus femoris, quadriceps, buttocks. A total of about 20 muscles are involved at run time. Not bad for such a projectile. Therefore, not only men, but also women can use exercises with a roller for the press to correct their figure. For authenticity, pay attention to lovely girls, and men too on the effectiveness of a gymnastics rink for the abdomen.

Use of a roller for a press

We lose extra pounds due to the work of many muscles. Losing weight with such an assistant is quite real

We accelerate the body's metabolism (metabolism). Burn calories even when inactive during the day

We pump the rectus and oblique muscles of the abdomen. Cubes really show up at the right time

Manual weights exercises provide an excellent guarantee of progress in the gym when working with the bar on squats

Increases muscle mass, and rolling on a physical skating rink gives progress in gaining the right weight

We strengthen the back and prevent injuries

Improving posture, coordination and balance

roller press

Saving money on the purchase of additional technical shells, season tickets, club cards at the initial stage to maintain the body in shape

Does not take up much space at home

By the way, if you have additional advantages, be sure to share in the comments.

What gymnastics options are available and which ones are right for you

Before acquiring a fitness equipment, let's look at our physical fitness. If you are a beginner and have not been engaged in yourself for a long time. The best option is to buy a projectile for the abdomen with a large diameter. This will give you the opportunity to gradually accustom your body to regular exercise. If the shell is equipped with one wheel, give preference to double. It is more stable and usually has a rubberized rim. Maybe someone is confident in their abilities, the capabilities of the body, then move on to the next option.

For advanced athletes, acquiring a smaller rim diameter for the press roller improves efficiency. It saves me at home on my free days from visiting the gym, an identical object which is shown in the photo of the announcement to the article at the top of the green color. Such a small wheel circumference increases the run distance and increases the load on the body.

But the choice is yours to keep the dust in the corner. Use for its intended purpose.

The health wheel is chosen, we begin to prepare. If you visit a fitness center or bodybuilding room, you will find everything you need without problems. At home, you need to find a place for rolling metabolism. Dress in comfortable sportswear, do not perform approaches in a bathrobe. Prepare a fitness mat, a small blanket. Turn on the right music for the class..

Be sure to remember, any undertaking is accompanied by a technical aspect

Joints and muscles warm up. Any rotational movements of the arms, lower backs, inclinations and deflections. Takes no more than 2-3 minutes.

When training with such objects, keep your back straight, do not bend the lower back, then the load on the joints will decrease.

Slow motion without jerking, full control of the movement back and forth.

The breath must be right. When the body moves forward we take a breath, while exhaling we go back.

The training is enclosed in a 20 minute time frame, for a beginner, start with 5 minutes 10 reps with 3 approaches. If you have previously been involved in sports 20-50 reps with 3-4 approaches is quite possible.

I will not hide the exercises with the roller are a decent load. Do not rush. Do right away, in order to prevent krepatura the next day, God forbid getting injured - the preparation should be thorough.

oblique muscles

Now the highlight of our program is a variety of movements for the press with a wheel from which you can make a complex, daily training.

Let's first give way to women, and consider the exercises with the subject of the story for the press beautiful half. Take it on yourself, try and take notes in the wall calendar, start changing for the better sports.

We rest our knees on the mat, our legs are a little apart, we grab the arms of the gymnastic roller with our hands. We begin to slowly roll forward half the amplitude of the body, slowly return, so, 10-12 times. Do not forget to keep your back straight, arms slightly bend at the elbows. Watch your breath.

A complication is a variant of the above. We connect the legs together and the movement goes forward. We stretch the body at the final point, we are delayed for 1-2 seconds. Return the body to the starting point. Do not forget about the technique.

Lie on your stomach. On outstretched arms, grip the handle of the fitness item. On the exhale, with the help of the hands, we roll the skating rink to the chest, while not removing the hips from the mat. In the process of movement, bend your back back. Returned to the upright position of the body. We do it at a slow pace.

Dear ladies, if you regularly perform such exercises your tummy will be very attractive.

Of course you can not do during pregnancy, diastasis

We turn to exercises with a roller for the press, which are required to perform a man. A steel press and strong muscles will soon replace a sagging stomach and decrepit jelly-like body structures.

We are squatting. Hold the roller firmly in front of you. Smoothly start moving forward and our engine, i.e. the body from the squat goes to the knees and then stretches forward. Hold for a couple of seconds and reverse.

We work on the oblique muscles of our abdomen. With the help of diagonal movements. After digging your knees into the rug or towel, leaning on the wheel with slow movements, make a right turn, returning and turn on the left. 10 round trips to each side.

Let's consider another option. The initial position described above, only put the video on our right and move right with a bias on the right side. Well, the right side tensed, changing and subjecting the left oblique muscles to a load. 10-12 peals.

Option on straightened legs. To begin, set the level in the form of a wall. The distance from the wall is slightly greater than the height of the athlete. We got up, the handle of the wheel in the hands, tilt the body, strain the muscles of the core, legs and roll the roller to the wall. Rested, slowly return the shell back.

The most difficult version of our press program with a roller rink. We bend forward, legs together, rest against the roller and gradually stretch our body, we touched the surface of the floor with our breasts, lingered for a second and went back.

It is necessary to abandon training with the skating rink for back injuries, pain in the muscles of the torso

The rest is just class!!!

According to the reviews of many beginner and advanced fitness athletes for health and physical self-perfection, exercise with such a small subject is enough at the first stages. See for yourself even if you do not have the opportunity to temporarily visit the simulator on vacation or on a business trip, take a video with you and do health exercises anywhere. The main desire and progress will be evident. Go in for sports, improve in training training. Eat properly using only healthy foods in your diet. Advocate fitness, bodybuilding, physical education to your friends. I will help you with this through the blog BE ALWAYS HEALTHY. Best regards, Sergei.

In conclusion, a motivating video of what successes can be achieved with the help of a gymnastic apparatus.

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