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Free weights or exercise equipment

exercise equipment

Free weights or exercise equipment

Greetings to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport!

Today I want to talk about the principles of operation of simulators and about free weights, that is, dumbbells, pancakes, barbells. These are those assistants who are located in any gym. These objects help us build muscle, form a relief, build a beautiful attractive body. The athlete needs all these accessories, but the question arises, what is better about free weights or exercise equipment?. This is a very long-standing and never-ending dilemma among bodybuilders, which tool for building a body would be better to use a trainer or free weights in training. Let's start from the beginning.

weights exercise

# TRAINERS. The first time a man came to the gym, his eyes flashed from a variety of fitness equipment and rows of dumbbells. But intuitively, a beginner goes to simulators and this is correct. They are attracted not only by their unusualness, but by the information plate, by which you can understand what can be done on it. Exercise machines and were created for some relief in working with them. Namely, under loads, stress is experienced only by a certain group of muscles, which we want to use while another group is resting. From here, the load is evenly distributed and we can fully carry out the training, without excessive fatigue. The simplicity of the design avoids getting injured, which is so undesirable. After all, the trauma rolls us back some time and we lose the pace of training. When performing the exercises, we do not distract other participants in the gym to provide insurance. Another advantage of simulators is the development of a technique for performing an approach for a muscle group, the body and body are adapting to the correct execution, and we ourselves subconsciously understand what needs to be done in this way, and the simulator will not let us do it in another way. In addition, the work on the simulator positively affects a certain group of people who are prone to injuries or have chronic diseases of the body. Exercise machines are suitable for the elderly. Still, age matters and you should not overload it with loads. And of course, indispensable for recovery from injuries of professional bodybuilders and athletes.

Despite the significant positive effect, the simulators have their drawbacks. First of all, a big load goes to the joints and tendons, like muscles are involved, but only a certain group, and in our body everything is interconnected. From here, the muscles grow more slowly, the progress of the whole body also slows down. We pump some muscles, while others, which are nearby and also participate in the work of a certain part of the body, do not swing. One more, but I would say, not a significant minus, all created units of Hammer, Smith, butterfly, Gackenschmidt are created for the average person, and not individually. After all, people with different configurations of the body structure do the exercises on them, so a woman with a height of 150 cm, or a man with short arms will not just perform the exercises, this is both the grip of the projectile and the range of motion. But this is easily fixable since now many simulators are regulated in their design.

For beginners, for the first three to four months it is better to deal only with simulators, it is necessary to prepare the body for loads, to develop a performance technique and exclude unnecessary injury. But sometimes I heard from the regulars of the rocking chair, honestly not representing anything, that the simulators are babskie little things. I dont agree, simulators are also necessary for professionals to work out a specific muscle group accurately, and 30% of the load of experienced athletes is on the simulators. Which simulators are suitable for girls, see this article.

weights exercise equipment

And now back to the question free weights or exercise equipment? Let's talk about

# FREE WEIGHTS. This is a set of balanced dumbbells, barbells and pancakes that are used by bodybuilders in the gym. Any experienced bodybuilder would welcome if the hall has a huge selection of dumbbells and barbells with various configurations of the bar. When moving with free weights, we are working on not only the muscle groups that we load, but also neighboring muscles. This contributes to progressive muscle growth and strength development. Different muscle groups working at one time, weight retention for a certain period of time, and the need to perform spatial movements contribute to the development of coordination and sense of proportion, without being overloaded. Almost 70% of training is done with dumbbells and barbells. Having become more or less experienced, you use free weights to control the load, weight movement, and performance technique yourself. Muscles receive a stressful push, testosterone production and, accordingly, muscle growth, when there is a change in the weight of the bar, when performing one type of exercise. After all, experienced people know that when we press the bar in different approaches, we change weights up or down. Plus a great variety of performing one exercise with different weights of dumbbells and a change in the amplitude of motion. Having a minimum of sports equipment, you can maximize use all muscle groups of the body. For quick, high-quality results, free weights are better. And for owners of gyms, the availability of free weights is cheaper than simulators.

But in training with free weights, there are disadvantages. This is especially true for beginners when, when performing the approach, they do not follow basic safety precautions (the insurer is not standing nearby) and the correctness of the exercise. Therefore, the presence of a trainer is required, who will eliminate defects and prevent injuries. The time it takes to prepare the projectile is to remove the pancakes. Hence the deficit in the gym of some dumbbells or vultures popular in the weight category as they are used by other people. You can also consider your own body as free weight, therefore, for push-ups for people and overweight, for example, this will be problematic. This can also be attributed to disadvantages.

Therefore, the question "free weights or exercise equipment?" - all exercises for a specific muscle group can be performed in different ways using both exercise equipment and dumbbells. There are situations when it is better not to resort to using free weights at all, and vice versa. Therefore, when compiling a training program, you need to be guided and take everything as the basis - both exercise equipment and free weights. Subscribe to the blog update. There will be many interesting things for body health, proper nutrition, sports and humor. Best regards, Sergei.

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