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Ginger Property

ginger weight

Ginger Property

Let's look a little into history, literally a little bit. The healing properties of ginger have long been known in the vastness of South Asia. The plant belongs to the family of herbaceous perennials. For European residents, the discovery of this product was the twentieth century. In recent decades, has become actively used in nutrition and treatment. The Greeks ate ginger as an antipode for overeating, in the Netherlands they were grown as a houseplant. In our country, the properties of ginger are used as a spicy spice for dishes..

Useful properties of ginger

The product perfectly resists the symptoms of the common cold, has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect;

Improves the work of KZhT;

Prevents puffiness;

Raises libido to a good level;

Removes harmful substances and toxins from the body;

It speeds up the metabolism;

Improves memory, work of convolutions;

properties ginger

Skin condition improves;

Used to prevent cancer;

The properties of ginger for weight loss The plant not only helps to avoid the disease, but also helps to improve the figure especially in women. What is so good about the white root".

Stimulates the process of thermogenesis in the body. Internal heat rises, and this is interconnected with burning body fat;

acts as a mild laxative;

normalizes the thyroid gland;

reduces hunger;

perfectly copes with the absorption of proteins, the breakdown of fats;

thanks to the essential amino acids, namely ginkerol, incoming food goes through the digestion process faster;

ginger weight

reduces glucose activity;

increases the level - the hormone of happiness "serotonin", which is responsible for appetite;

The content of nutrients per 100 grams of dry root useful substances (grams) vitamins (Mg) micro-macro elements (g \ mg) fats (0.8) B1 (0.025) sodium (13) copper (226 g) proteins (1.8) B2 (0.034) calcium (16) manganese (229 g) carbohydrates (15.8) B3 (0.75) phosphorus (34) zinc (0.34) fiber (2) B5 (0.2) magnesium (43) iron ( 0.6) ash (0.8) B6 (0.16) potassium (415) selenium (0.7 g) water (78.9) C (5) But to get the benefits of ginger for weight loss, you need to not only regularly use white root in food, but eliminate unhealthy foods and begin to closely engage in physical exercise. Ginger and sport are one joke ... ..but there is a piece of truth. Be sure to keep this in mind when you want to lower your weight category with an Asian product..

The properties of ginger and contraindications There are a number of restrictions. Not everyone and not always use will benefit.

First of all concerns people with stomach problems.

Secondly, having kidney, liver problems

Third, pregnant

Fourth, allergies to spices

Fifth, people suffering from skin diseases

How to use ginger root for weight loss, health? Add to tea (combine honey, ginger, lemon, green tea). We add more often than others as a spice for cooking homemade dishes. When preparing salads (in grated form). In the morning on an empty stomach, eat 4 grams of ginger. Yes, many more recipes can be found how to use the beneficial properties of ginger.

Consider the "white root" as a boiled egg to eat in the morning at breakfast an ordinary thing. Then health will improve, it is not for nothing that the sages of Asia idolized this plant. Lead a healthy lifestyle, engage in sports, physical education, fitness, bodybuilding, swim, ride, run, eat properly, eat balanced and everything WILL BE NORMAL !!! Regards Sergey.

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