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Gym Behavior

experienced athletes

Gym Behavior

Greetings to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport!

If you have already chosen a gym that suits you in all respects, you are going to visit it for the first time. Rules of conduct in the gym, here are some points to pay attention to. Read this article, which will describe the unwritten rules of etiquette in the gym hall or you can call a code of honor, which every visitor must adhere to, because you are a member of a family of lovers of exercise and sports equipment.

The rules of conduct in the gym are for you. They will help you quickly adapt in the gym, become your own, so to speak. Even regular visitors may not know about these rules or have forgotten about them, therefore it will be instructive for you experienced athletes as well.

1. The training equipment should always be clean. Wash your training kit on time. And it is better to have an additional set of clothes for the shift. Indeed, the smell of your training result from socks and T-shirts soaked with sweat will not cause positive emotions in others. You must have replaceable shoes in which you train. Outdoor shoes are excluded from training equipment, this is disrespect for the fitness room, by the way you may not be allowed to work out, and you need to think about basic hygiene standards.

2. Choose an appropriate form for training and make-up. After all, you do not go to a nightclub, but to a place where people are focused on physical activity. Therefore, clothes with a deep neckline, with glamorous accessories and bright defiant patterns will distract other visitors and lead to ridicule in your address.

3.Avoid during the hours of visiting the gym from using a strong-smelling perfume and deodorants, creams and sprays. Indoors, potent odors can increase their properties, which can affect the well-being of others, including allergies. But you should not allow your sweat secretions to cause inconvenience to others, so use odorless flame retardants.

4. For girls with long hair, it is better to close the hair in a bun or tail in advance. This will help to avoid snagging your hair on the training equipment, and the hair left on the simulator will not delight others.

5. Before starting the exercise, wipe the simulator or bench, this will protect you from the sweat of previous non-polite athletes, and after yourself, you should also wipe the equipment with a towel.

first time

6. After completing the approaches on the sports machine, be sure to clean up after yourself, release the bar from the pancakes, this will show others that the shell is free. And note that you do not need to remove pancakes first on only one side, otherwise the bar can play and someday.

7. An orphaned simulator does not exist in the gym, so do not immediately rush to the free bar and take pancakes, they can still do it. Therefore, ask if the bar is free or not. In case of any equipment being busy, arrange with your partner to change it after completion or try take exercises together during breaks.

8. Try and accustom yourself to eliminate loud noises. For example, do not throw dumbbells on the floor, or knock them against each other during the exercise. After approaching, loudly remove pancakes from the neck and defiantly throw them.

9. Do not talk loudly on your cell phone, try to leave the working area of the room so that other visitors are not distracted from classes and do not knock them off the working rhythm. To this you need to add loud calls with a friend or acquaintance at different ends of the hall, you want to talk step back and do not disturb others.

10. When performing approaches, you should not use non-normative vocabulary, it will shock others and may cause distrust of more experienced athletes. Some people may take this to their attention.

11. Do not refuse to ask others if they ask you to work out with you, if the gym is crowded and there arent enough sports machines, you can also train on the simulator in two. As he responds, it will respond - as a rule its suitable for this rule of conduct in the gym.

12. If you have memorized the complex of a famous bodybuilder and already know how to do it, you dont need to tell others how to do this or that exercise. For this there is an instructor or trainer. Advisers do not need to be.

13. When doing the exercise, do not block the other participants from looking at the mirror. Its not only you who are watching your technique. Try to take such a position that everyone is comfortable. If you are blocked, respectfully ask to take aside.

experienced athletes

14. You should not discuss other people's results of other athletes in dismissive tones, because when you started for the first time, you see, those who do better than you do. Think about it.

15. Do not clutter the simulators and benches with personal things: cosmetics, a bottle of water. Use special places for this, if they arent, use a window sill or in extreme cases, put or put things on the floor.

16. When transferring, for example, the neck of a bar with pancakes, make sure that the locks are fixed on the neck, exclude accidents in the gym.

17. Do not make yourself a hamster; take only those shells that you will use here and now.

18. Do not take a cardio simulator for more than 30 minutes (the exception is when you are alone or alone in the gym), when there are a lot of people in the gym, respect the time of others. You can also use another simulator for cardio.

19. You dont need to look at others with open mouth, it is unpleasant for people and not beautiful of you. Try to avoid such behavior.

20. Do not forget about the general rules of behavior. Always greet the administration and people with whom you are not the first to train at the same time. This is nice to others and you have an occasion to make new acquaintances, and the training will be more successful.

I hope these

rules of conduct in the gym will help you achieve excellent results in fitness and bodybuilding. Sincerely, Sergey

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