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Kiwi Salad with Chicken

know chicken

Kiwi Salad with Chicken

Greetings to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport!

For a long time I did not share with you useful and healthy recipes for proper nutrition of cooking meals for athletes attending the gym, who also pump hard muscles at home. I fill in this delicious gap. Next in turn is a salad of ordinary chicken and southern kiwi fruit. I generally love salads especially with the onset of heat, so I want to please myself. A man and a girl will be able to cook such a dish.

As we already know, chicken is the most important component of proper nutrition to obtain high-quality protein for muscle growth. Kiwi is a very nice and delicious green instance. Combine these products and add something else..

chicken eggs

Recipe for a delicious salad with kiwi and chicken. First, buy the ingredients. You can buy chicken fillet 300-400 grams, I prefer breast. Mushrooms are what I had in mind as a supplement. Champignons will do. 350 grams will be enough. Im sure that its not difficult for you to find French mushrooms. A can of canned pineapple. A small piece of low-calorie cheese (100-150g.). Kiwi 1 piece. If you like, take the second, eat for a snack. We need to cook onions 1 pc., Three chicken eggs. You will learn about the benefits of the latter for fitness here. Natural yogurt 200 gram jar. A few lettuce leaves for beauty. You can read about the most useful greens here..

We will build a salad with chicken and kiwi layers. We start cooking chicken, eggs. Peel the onion, cut the last on a cutting board. Washed mushrooms, cut. The resulting onions and mushrooms are placed in a pan, mix with 100 grams of yogurt and fry over low heat. Remove, reposition, let cool. At this time, boil the chicken. You know, the chicken is not long in coming. If your breast is free from stones and cut into small pieces after cooling. We prepare a salad bowl. Lay lettuce on the bottom. Then a layer of mushrooms with onions. Cover with a layer of yogurt. Then we will have a layer of grated chicken eggs, again smeared with yogurt. Canned pineapples, cut into small pieces, make up the third layer. Again a little yogurt. Grated cheese sprinkle our beauty mixed with yogurt. The final stage of the kiwi slices. Voila, a salad with kiwi, pineapple, chicken and mushrooms in our version is ready.

If you count calories, for information BJU salad per 100 grams - 86 kcal. (9.55 / 3.1 / 4.6).

Bon appetit salad recipe with kiwi with chicken in your performance will appeal to both relatives and children. Continue to exercise with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. By the way, a variety of healthy salads can be ordered without leaving home. If you have any additions or your own experience in cooking such a dish, I look forward to your comments on the pages of Sergey Tyapkin's blog, Be Always Healthy. Best regards, Sergei.

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