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Leave and smile

death sentence

Leave and smile

Greetings to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport!

How life is boring and monotonous when there is no place for humor. Everyone has a sense of humor, but at a different level. I think to get a charge of good mood for the whole day, everyone wants, no matter who laughs at what. I offer some funny sketches about sports and life..

Read and smile the reader, spending a little time,

but you get a positive, emotional, bright explosion!!!

They ask a question to the so-called patriot of Russia:

- you are a patriot?

- Yes

- Why drive a foreign car?

- Sorry, do not confuse patriotism and idiocy.

In the evening, the boxer thought

- The more I train in the gym in the ring, the more strange around me.

In ancient Greece, physically and mentally weak people were thrown from a cliff. And they did not make of them the players of the Russian national team and state deputies. thoughts

death sentence

Two grandmothers are sitting on a bench.

One inform:

- I heard the deputies want to revive the death sentence?

The second in response:

- And that it was canceled? The amount of pensions is already a death sentence.

The girl was bored. I went to classmates, on the page of an unknown man I left a signature for the photo.

"Have you stopped loving me?"

In the morning, 100 friends of a man and his wife visited her page.

Forgive me, stranger, I hope you're still alive

The regional draft board was hiding from Nikolai Valuev. Until the latter is 27 years old.

Let's smile together

Russian pop stars N. Babkin, A. Pugachev, A. Sviridov, unlike A. Jolie, do not adopt children, but marry them.

death sentence

Soviet alumni meeting twenty years later.

- Like life, where do you work??

- in the State Security Committee

- Fine, I havent seen a live security officer. What are you doing?

- Individuals who are not satisfied with the Soviet regime.

- Hmm, and who is satisfied?

- those OBKHSS.

At the intersection of K. Marx and Liberty Avenues, two foreign cars collided. "Lexus-400" Lieutenant General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and "Mercedes -600" of the FSB General. The car 2109 was recognized as the culprit - a traffic police officer who arrived at the scene of an accident.

Interview with a club player who has become a national football champion.

- Yesterday they became champions. As noted such a grand event?

- The whole team gathered and went to the museum, then listened to a concert of the orchestra in the city philharmonic. It was so amazing and beautiful.

- Come on, correspondent, relax and let's smile together. Just kidding! Caught up to the green snot. As usual!

I hope to read a little comic sketch and smile has benefited. I wish you success, positive, creative. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Take care of yourself and your body with the blog BE ALWAYS HEALTHY. Best regards, Sergei.

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