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Lose weight and pump up

muscle groups

Lose weight and pump up

Ill tell you immediately to build up and lose weight in one period is quite difficult. Since this is contrary to physiological laws. We are going to gain muscle mass. If you are the owner of excess body fat, then when losing weight using strength training, you will notice after a certain time. Not only fat burns, but the muscles begin to look different. The increase in muscle mass will not be significant, but the drawing of various muscle groups will be obvious. This is the main concept of "lost weight and pumped up at the same time." In this case, people mostly lose weight rather than gaining muscle mass. But here is the moment, the more you will be engaged in fat loss, the greater will be the result in muscle pumping.

So what does a person need in order to

to build up and lose weight at the same time For the process of losing weight, you need to create conditions for a deficit of calories in the body. For beginners, I explain, consume less calories, spend more, and not vice versa, as you usually do. To do this, there are various ways of nutrition in the form of diets. The main thing in such diets is to eat less sweet (fast carbohydrates). You will find more information about nutrition in the articles on my blog BE ALWAYS HEALTHY under the heading proper nutrition. The next prerequisite is to lose weight and exercise. These are aerobic and strength exercises. Every day you will devote 10 minutes to physical activity, of course, the result will not be immediately visible. But if you increase the time to half an hour, then notice the changes in the near future. I will describe the exercises below, now Ill just let you know that losing weight and pumping up at home is real. The main desire, attitude, motivation.

How to lose weight and pump up Go directly to the strength exercises. I remind you that the description will apply to beginners, advanced athletes will not be interested to learn something new for themselves. Training will take place during the week. Let's start with a 10 minute load. Who wants to increase the time, I am only for. Every day you will perform a new exercise, the goal is to engage as many muscle groups of your body as possible. This will contribute to the process of losing weight and pumping..

1 day

Run. Let me remind you, the more intensively you run, the faster the result will come. Active ten-minute jogging on a treadmill at home or in place, and preferably in the fresh air even in winter.

2 day

Pushups. There are a lot of options, the description is here. Universal strength training for the following muscle groups (pectoral, deltoid, triceps) with its own weight. The muscles of the press, buttocks, muscles of the legs are connected. A ten-minute push-up will bring a thickened body to a decent tone. To begin with, one approach, rest, then the second approach. Gradually increase the number of push-ups in 10 minutes.

3 day

muscle groups

On this day, for weight loss and pumping, jump for 10 minutes through a jump rope. Fitness item helps burn calories, develop leg muscles, coordinate movement. Yes, not many people know how to use this item, especially men. If you want to learn not for long.

4 day

Pulling on the bar. Read more about the options here. The horizontal bar will help develop back muscles and arms. Give ten minutes to the crossbar. As much as you can and pull yourself up with a smoke break.

5 day

The training has lost weight and is pumped up to devote to squats. Strength exercise maximally strain the legs. The squat process consists in lowering the pelvis to a level of 90 degrees, and below. When doing a squat, keep an average pace so as not to get tired for 10 minutes. Who squats well I suggest to try plie-squat.

6 day

Press exercise. You can choose an abdominal exercise here and here. The simplest is twisting from a prone position. A ten-minute strength approach will strengthen your abs.

7 day

Rest time, but if you are not stressed during the week. I propose the option broken elevator. Try to forget about the elevator go up, go down on foot.

That's how you can lose weight and pump up. Of course, the process is not fast, but it works for sure. Then exercise will become a habit of brushing your teeth. Feel free to switch to more powerful training programs to build muscle mass, achieve muscle relief. I wish you success. A healthy lifestyle for you, achieving your goals. Best regards, Sergei. In conclusion, a motivating video.

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