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Proper Exercise

changing position hands

Proper Exercise

Greetings to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport!

Newcomers to the gym spend a lot of money on sports equipment, season tickets and think this is enough, come and pull the iron, run on the track. Alas, to get maximum efficiency, you need to make the effort yourself, for this you need to pay attention to the correctness of the exercises.

To do this, the gym instructor will help you, not without a fee, of course. And you can read my article yourself to learn how to correctly and clearly perform approaches, repetitions on various muscle groups. After all, the minimum change in the position of the arms, legs and the load changes. The necessary group is pumped precisely and as much as possible without connecting others. You need to learn how to feel approaches with your body. Forcing your brain to transmit impulses to the muscles, the right technique will help to saturate the required volume of muscle blood for growth and progress. The thoughts in the simulator are concentrated in one thing - the correct implementation of physical exercises.

If you did not pay attention to the position of your arms and legs. It is worth trying to experiment in this direction. The slightest deviation from your usual stance, position of the limbs, a change in the angle of inclination for muscle fibers creates a new unprecedented stress. This leads to new results that you have never dreamed of doing solid exercises..

Let's move on to the specific most common examples of the gym that you yourself can use when working with weights.

Barbell Hand Grip Position

changing position

In the supine position, the barbell press on the chest grip wide. At the maximum load point, we feel how the outer part of the pectoral muscles is tensed. It is worth taking up the neck with a narrow grip, the feeling of heaviness shifts toward the internal bundle of pectoral muscles and triceps. The position of the body practically does not change, we only move our arms closer to each other, the load passes. With one accessory, you can pump various parts of the body. This is very convenient when doing workouts at home. Every self-respecting athlete in the house has a removable horizontal bar, try changing the position of the hands when pulling up. They widely spread and the impulse of tension went to the widest and largest pectoral, narrow and the hands, lower latitudinal ones, joined the work. That's because you included the brain in the work and monitor the correct execution. Mentally, you are inside your fibers and feel how their design changes during loading. All this speaks of the uniqueness of any position of the hands, by the method of change you yourself will feel which muscles can work better or worse. Paying attention to weak points. Is it not going to be success and pride for every athlete.

Tilt or lift position

Of course you are familiar with the objects of the fitness room in the form of exercise machines and benches, which change the position of the corner in their design. Try lifting the biceps on the cattle bench. The voltage passes to the upper part of the biceps of the shoulder, with emphasis at an angle of 45 degrees, pumping goes to the lower head of the bitsukha (brachialis). Everything is simple but effective. Just monitor the accuracy of the exercise.

If we turn our eyes to the lower extremities, they react sensitively to changes in the angle of loading. The angle changes to 30, the bottom of the quadriceps is earned, the angle of pressure is concentrated more on the top of the quadrics and the biceps of the thigh. Read more about the correct implementation of leg press approaches on the simulator in this article. On the machine GAAX-squat, lowering the platform, we will immediately feel the upper quadriceps, it is worth raising turn on the lower quadriceps.

When changing the position of the feet with a basic squat, they also affect the load distribution. Position with a wide setting of the legs, socks outward. Squatting is performed in a position where the knees move directly parallel to the feet. This is best done in Smith's machine with light weights. Even with a simple lift on the socks, the load changes. Socks directly parallel to each other are exposed to the entire calf, we spread the socks to the sides, the load goes to the inside, on the contrary, the external muscles.

Change of position in the elbow joint

arms legs

Changing the elbows, we load muscles differently. Typically, beginners take the approach to extend the arms in an angle to the triceps to a point parallel to the torso, and if you just press your hands to your body and raise your elbow just above the usual level, then the triceps will powerfully load. It will be more difficult for you to carry out the approach, but what a progressive method, add a second delay here in the upright position of the hand.

My favorite triceps exercise is extension from the upper block. The highlight of this conventional approach is the position of the elbows. Grasp the handle with a narrow grip, push your elbows as close to the body as possible. Then, without changing the position of the hands, slightly extend the elbow joints wider and already another calico to work out the various parts of the triceps.

For biceps, we can also change the position of the elbows (outward, inward, forward, backward), and the load is distributed in different ways. Try with small dumbbell weights to change the location of the elbow. The answer will be unequivocal, banks will fill up in full.

Change the location of the brushes

Everything is elementary. With the help of the neck we carry out pumping bitsukha, took wide, went arms up and pay attention to the outside of the biceps, with another narrow, the inner part is swinging.

Horizontal unit sitting pull. Usually a horseshoe-shaped handle is used to grip with two hands. Try to change, put the horizontal pipe used for traction from the top block while sitting behind your head. Grasp your arms shoulder-width apart and pull the cable toward you, then you will immediately feel the tension in the middle of your back. We change hands to a narrow hold, presses the elbows to the body, then when pressing the cable, the widest.

Great for changing the load on muscle groups, use a rope instead of handles. Using this simple device, at the point of maximum tension, when moving from the upper block to the triceps, we change the position of the palms at the time of straightening the arms, turn a little outward, and the effect is different and the muscles are experiencing new things for themselves. Although this exercise has already been repeated over the past month.

Simply changing the position and correctly performing the exercise, we will achieve the highest result in building a muscular figure. Try, change, do not get stuck in one execution and progress will be on the face. Just be sure to follow the clear technical point, do not chase weights and records. We go to the cherished goal step by step and correctly. About the effectiveness of the exercises you can find here. Today its all until new meetings on the pages of my block. Best regards, Sergei.

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