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Proper nutrition at work

proper nutrition

Proper nutrition at work

Greetings to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport!

The rhythm of modern life in megacities is proceeding at an accelerated pace. A modern person is as busy as possible during the day, it is no secret that proper nutrition at the workplace leaves much to be desired. From here there are problems with the stomach, the digestive system suffers. All this is bad for your health. One can only dream of a healthy lifestyle.

There is a way out of every even hopeless situation. This is acceptable in the situation of organizing proper nutrition at work. What you need to pay attention to if a person decided to change his meal, snacks during the working day. In this case, do not forget about physical exertion in the gym, gym, pool, treadmills.

Snacks and proper nutrition at work To begin with, let's pay attention to bad daily habits when eating food during the day. During the day, the brain works hard and requires fuel for work and the body as a whole, out of habit we begin to throw everything.

Harmful sugary drinks. Energy jars with incomprehensible liquid, sweet tea, coffee. The insulin scale rises sharply, nutrients are poorly absorbed. Well-being at the end of the day worsens.

The complete lack of physical activity. Constant sitting on a chair, without warm-up movements, adversely affects the functional work of internal organs. Blood circulates weakly from here the metabolism is inhibited and this leads to simple obesity. And if you want the chair to become your exercise machine, look here.

Have a bite to eat like. Throwing into the furnace that comes to hand just to satisfy the feeling of hunger leads to disruption of the digestive tract. What do people use mostly harmful food products (fast foods, baked buns) in the dryer. I generally am silent about the diet. It may take four hours, or maybe half an hour. The man in the office does not pay attention to this. But in vain.

feeling hunger

Lack of daylight in the rooms. Constantly finding the floor with rays, not the sun, but artificial lighting. Creates Vitamin D Deficiency.

Neglect of fresh vegetables, fruits. Not only during cold and frost. For the life process, the body needs vitamins and minerals year-round.

During working hours, people drink little ordinary water. Preferring the drinks of paragraph 1. The use of water for the body, body, health is indispensable. Lack of sufficient amount of living water, inhibits metabolism again, we grow fat.

At lunchtime, stupidly sitting in the social. networks. If possible, take a 3-5 minute walk in the fresh air..

If someone can add to this list in the comments on the blog article, we will only welcome.

Yes, work takes up the maximum amount of your time. Listen to the useful tips of healthy eating at the workplace, there are not many of them, but you will qualitatively change your diet and the body will be grateful to you.

Fractional nutrition. This term is familiar to many, but rarely does anyone adhere to it. Divide your working day into segments and after a certain time, eat. The main thing is small portions. It will be necessary to grab several containers of useful products from home. Four containers that you empty during work with ease. For a snack, use an apple, banana, yogurt. This will ease your burden in the evening on the way home, and create a comfortable feeling inside. At the same time, you dont have to lean on dinner at all with what the refrigerator is rich, but leave something for an evening snack.

Time Lapse. It is necessary to create the conditions for the body under which the feeling of hunger came after 2-3 hours after taking the next portion. Let's estimate that during the work shift you will take a spoon 3 times. This is lunch, lunch, afternoon snack.

feeling hunger

Be sure to drink more plain water. Not only in those moments when you are thirsty in 30 degrees of heat. More than half the daily norm of the water resource falls on working hours. No cooler or far source of live moisture. Hire a bottle of clean still water.

We pass to the approximate meal schedule during the day, including at the workplace

Breakfast. Mandatory procedure. Maximum energy for the whole day. A hearty good breakfast will keep you full until your next meal..

Lunch - morning snack. Caught in the workplace. Any fruit will do.

Dinner. If you go to the dining room, a nearby establishment. Pay attention to the menu. Take protein foods (meat, fish), garnished with slow carbohydrates (rice, pasta, hard varieties). Take an egg, you will learn more about the benefits of the latter here. Light vegetable salad. Prefer to take food from home, ingredients of the same type.

The second snack. Yogurt is the best option. To the side of the bun and bun.

For dinner. Preference for protein foods and slow carbohydrates. Avoid flour and sweet meals in the evening.

Evening snack. Light salad, low-fat cottage cheese. Check out the benefits of cottage cheese for the night here..

Now you have a general idea of proper nutrition, including in the workplace. This is not difficult. Force yourself, protect yourself from bad eating habits. Be sure to move. Everything will turn out in building a beautiful, stately figure. Best regards, Sergei.

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