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Protein shake at home

shake home

Protein shake at home

Fertilizing the muscles is needed constantly. Do not wait for miraculous transformations shaking only muscles, not fueling energy. Like a sports car, you wont fill gasoline, you wont get the result. Muscle mass needs protein. Of course, sports nutrition is a plus, but not always a person, especially a young man, a student is ready to pay not a small amount of money for a beautiful jar. How to replace sports nutrition if there is no money. Read here. Today we'll make homemade protein shake for muscle growth.

Recipe for a protein shake at home In the store we purchase the following products. Milk or better kefir - 0.5 ml, a pack of low-fat cottage cheese, chicken eggs, a dry mixture of protein powder (could not be found below describe what to replace). For taste, choose - Fruit syrup, sugar substitute, honey. Banana, any fruit or berries. Olive oil if you eat at home is even better save more. It is allowed to replace with vegetable.

Why do we need the listed products. To prepare a protein shake at home, you need a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Kefir will act as a basis. Proteins - low-fat cottage cheese, we get carbohydrates from honey or syrup. By the way, the presence of sweets will allow the release of insulin, which will improve the absorption of nutrients. But do not overdo it, otherwise you will get a gainer. Fat - oil, vitamins from fruits.

Getting down to the question of how to make a protein shake at home for muscle growth.

Fill a deep container with 500 ml of kefir, pour 25 grams of a dry mixture of protein (milk) powder. Do not buy in the hypermarket (crush egg white), drop the half. We begin to whip the mass, the process of preparing a protein shake at home is started. After 20-30 seconds, add 25 grams of dry powder mixture (egg white balance) to the mixer. The output should be approximately 600 ml of liquid..

protein shake

Then report half a banana (a handful of fresh berries) or 15 grams of honey, another carbohydrate ingredient. In the process of preparation, add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil to our homemade protein shake for men. Replace allowed flaxseed, pumpkin, the main presence of useful fatty acids. Contributing to adding energy to the body when performing physical exercises to increase muscle mass in the gym. The final step is to bring the product to a homogeneous mass. Done.

How to drink a protein shake prepared at home Yes, friend, you need to drink the product also wisely. And youll get liver problems, so refrain from emptying the shaker right away in an instant. Listen to the rules, then the result of muscle pumping will be better, higher.

Pay attention to the estimated dry protein weight (50 grams). The ingredient is designed for a person training with average weights three times a week, without fanaticism. By the way, I suggest training for three days a week. Increasing grams is allowed with excess weight, or the training process takes seven days a week. In other cases, do not exceed the dose..

Protein shake should be consumed 30 minutes before working out on simulators (free weights) and after a half-hour end, and not immediately in one gulp in front of a rocking chair.

In the process of drinking, use short sips, making intervals. The absorption of nutrients will be more effective.

absorption nutrients

The main protein shake is in addition to the main diet. If you have not reviewed the latter, deal immediately. You will find everything you need on the blog BE ALWAYS HEALTHY.

The benefits of protein shakes

The absorption of a protein product is faster than regular food

Protein drink source of protein, complex carbohydrates for the training athlete

A homogeneous mass, cooked at home, reduces hunger when working on weight loss, drying

Protein shakes for muscle mass are the best ally. Working in the gym, the product accelerates the metabolism, sends a signal to the muscles to increase

A protein shake at home will become your friend in the art of bodybuilding, it depends on you. I wish you success in training. Best regards, Sergei. At the end of the video of another recipe.

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