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Rare exercises

this exercise

Rare exercises

Greetings to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport!

Arriving at the gym, we ourselves or with the help of a trainer draw up a training program that includes a standard set of strength exercises with both our own weight and weights. But there are advanced bodybuilders who include rare and not popular gym exercises in their training for improving your results and the diversity of the program. These exercises include.

muscle group

Zottman flexion exercise Another way is to bend your arms with dumbbells. The history of this exercise goes back to the middle of the 19th century, when the German strongman Georg Zottman was the first to lift biceps in an unusual way. Many people today dont know which muscles are worked out during this exercise. The secret is that the muscles working on the elbow flexion are involved, it is the brachioradialis muscle, the long radial flexor of the wrist, the round pronator and the flexors of the fingers. During exercise, the load is evenly distributed throughout the muscle group, allowing the athlete to lift and rotate the dumbbells. Since the shoulder muscle (located under the biceps) is involved in this exercise, this increases the level of growth of the biceps as a whole. The trick of this exercise is that moment of bending the arm with a dumbbell to the biceps, while the upper part of the arm remains motionless until the elbow, the forearm works, turn the wrist of the hand with the palms up, the so-called supinated grip, and continue to raise the arm while the dumbbell is are at shoulder level, without changing the position of the wrist, expand the palm down is pronated grip, the level of the thumb should be above the level of your mizintsa.Kogda hands are at hip level there is a new twist on the wrists, and hands begin to look inward.

Exercise Bending the arms with a back grip bar This exercise involves the lateral part of the forearm, brachioradialis muscle and biceps.The main exercise gives the muscles of the forearm growth, and they are not so well developed unlike biceps. Therefore, only from ignorance which muscles work when performing this exercise, and do not do it in gyms. When doing this, you need to monitor such moments, the bar should not be raised high, in the lower position the arms are fully extended. No need to take large weights, focus your attention on The technique of execution. The back should be even, in the last repetitions do not try to help yourself with your lower back or back, do not allow your hands to bend at different angles. This exercise is included in the preparatory program for training boxers and fighters of a mixed style. Try to include this exercise at the end of the training, so how the muscles of the forearm tighten very much. Errors during execution include wringing of the hands when lifting, bending the arms should not occur quickly or with jerking. Suitable as a straight line K and W-neck.

Exercise Shrugs on the lower block with one hand This option is that the usual exercise just changes; the shrugs are only performed on the block and with one hand alternately, while holding the handle of the block like a usual grip. We always try to change the execution of exercises for a specific muscle group, and here the muscles are stressed by unconventional performance, which contributes to their growth. This is the difference this exercise has. But you need a good preparation for this exercise, so beginners are not recommended to perform him immediately upon arrival at the gym. The photo shows an exercise with two hands.

muscle group

Exercise Pulling the upper block with a back grip This is another rare exercise that you will not find in the gym. When we switch our hands to a reverse grip, the latissimus muscle is pumped, the latissimus major, round muscle, trapezius, forearm and biceps are the main load. In an embodiment of pulling the block with a reverse grip for pumping the latissimus dorsi muscles, the latissimus muscle, the big round muscle, the trapezius muscle, the forearm and biceps receive the main load. When performing, you should take small weights and a large number of repetitions, and this exercise will not work for beginners yet, why? - Technique for beginners, it is better to use ordinary exercises, but advanced. The key points in the performance are body position in relation to the simulator, position elbows relative to each other and the length of the amplitude of motion. Depending on which muscle group you want to focus the load on, the number of working joints and muscles depends.

Exercise Extention for the neck with a head strap weights This exercise works on the muscles of the neck. It is very rare to see this exercise performed in the gym. When performing this exercise, you need to put a special head strap on the head and fasten it with weight straps. Bend your body in the lower back with your hands in your hips a little higher knees. Then slightly tilt your head forward and slowly lift back, while the effort is exhaling. You do not need to raise your head far back. The neck muscles work out this exercise. Not until start while jerking, a fast pace can cause unwanted movements in the cervical vertebrae. if you dont raise your shoulders during the execution, then the upper fibers of the trapezoid will act as neck straighteners.

Exercise Zercher Squat This squat got its name from its creator, Canadian lifter Ed Zerher. Universal exercise for quadriceps muscles. This rare exercise consists of a squat, where the athlete holds the barbell in the elbow bends. In addition, the muscles of the thigh, buttocks and calf muscles are worked out. The unusual amplitude of the exercise allows you to load not only target muscle groups, but also muscles that do not get a load in a normal squat. on the squat frame. Where, with the help of elbow bends, the bar should be placed between the stomach and chest. The exercise is quite difficult in technical matters, therefore, it is performed only by well-trained athletes. To facilitate the performance, wrap the bar in a towel in the place of holding the bar.

Exercise Tie Lee Haine This exercise was designed and introduced by the eight-time champion Mr. Olympia Lee Haney. This rare exercise is performed both with a barbell and with dumbbells. When doing the shoulders, keep closer to each other, while lifting the barbell, your elbows should be directed up and not to the sides. At the same time, pull only your elbows and not your shoulders, otherwise the load will fall on the trapezoidal muscle, and we are focused on the work of the shoulders. A more easy way to put it this way is to use dumbbells, since the hands are freer and not connected by the bar, it is more convenient to pull your elbows. If you want to perform this exercise correctly, start first with tr Smiths simulator. Trapezoid and back deltas are being developed. You can supplement this list with examples of rare exercises that most bodybuilders do not use in the modern gym. Im waiting for your comments. Subscribe to the blog BE ALWAYS HEALTHY Best regards Sergey.

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