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Russian strongmen of the past

Russian strongmen

Russian strongmen of the past

Greetings to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport!

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my story about the Russian strongmen of the past. Today I will introduce you to the wrestler Ivan Mikhailovich Zaikin, Grigory Kashcheev, Alexander Zass. All of them at one time became famous on wrestling platforms and on the circus arena demonstrating strength, endurance, power. If you are just going to start building a figure (types of bodybuilding) to build muscle, remove excess fat, I think the example of athletic people of the past will be very useful.

Ivan Zaikin A future classic-style wrestler, weightlifting champion, was born in 1880 on November 5 in the Simbirsk province in the village of Upper Talyzino. Today it is Sechenovo, Nizhny Novgorod region. You can say, a fellow countryman. From early childhood he learned hard work. The case when a young, strong guy falls into the athletic school of merchants Merkuliev helped to get on the sports lane. The first sporting achievement of Ivan Mikhailovich Zaikin was the victory in kettlebell lifting in 1904. Acquaintance with the great Ivan Poddubny becomes a landmark for a young wrestler. They met many times on the carpets of various tournaments. In 1904, Poddubny defeated Zaikin and became the winner in the city of Voronezh, in 1905 he defeated his future student in Orel again. In the final of the wrestling tournament, held in 1908 in Paris. Met Zaikin and Poddubny. Victory was left to a more eminent fighter. For all the time, out of 15 matches, Zaikin lost to Poddubny 10, five meetings ended in a draw.

In addition to wrestling matches, Ivan Zaikin successfully performed in the circus, like many Russian strongmen of the past. Demonstrating silushka and powerful muscles. Spectators circus colorful athlete remembered for his tricks. He raised the bar of the bar with people, walked around the circus arena with a sea anchor on his back (weight about 400 kg), he demonstrated many performances in Europe and the world. In the thirties of the last century, he settled in Chisinau. He organized a group of professional athletes who demonstrated power tricks, agitated the masses for sports and a healthy lifestyle. The bright representative of the athletic movement of Russia, Ivan Mikhailovich Zaikin, died in 1948. Table of power indicators

Alexander Zass

area telarasmerrost186 cm weight122 kg chest inspiration128 cm bosom49 cm biceps 46 cm hip68 cm forearm 35.5 cm 100 cm lower leg 43 cm Grigory Kosinsky (Kashcheev) One of the representatives of the wrestling dynasty of Russia of the past was born in 1863 in the village of Slobodskoye, Vyatka province. He became famous among the locals at the city fair and defeated the fighter in a duel. The loser wrestler F. Besov invited the village peasant to continue his career. Provincial public appearances facilitated the meeting in 1906 of Gregory with the then-famous I. Zaikin, who considered the future athlete in a village peasant. The latter brought Kashcheev to sports platforms. For two years, he won more than many famous wrestlers more than once, for which he received a ticket to the World Cup in France in 1908. Where he took one of the prizes. Upon returning to Russia, Grigory Kashcheev decided to return to the village, yet the land was closer to him than fame and money. On this, Kashcheyevs sports career ended. He died on May 25, 1914.

Alexander Zass biography Alexander Ivanovich Zass I would rather attribute to the circus athlete than to a wrestler. For forty years, the athlete demonstrated power numbers at the circus ring that only Samson could do. Samson is the stage name of the Russian strongman of the past Zass.

Alexander was born in 1888, living in Saransk once with his father he got to the circus performance. The performances of the strongmen attracted the attention of the youth. He decided to seriously engage in power circus numbers. To do this, built a homemade horizontal bar, made a barbell, got a kettlebell. Having independently memorized the exercises of circus artists, he began to train hard. The guy independently mastered several strength exercises on the horizontal bar. But for a full-fledged performance in the arena, more is needed. The young man understood this and asked his father to write out a book by the famous wrestler Yevgeny Sandov (here is the athletes photo gallery). Developed exercises with Sandov's dumbbells attracted the future circus star. Continuing to develop a heroic silushka, new blood was required. As in the training programs of bodybuilding and strength fitness for muscle growth, you need to introduce new exercises to change strength complexes for effective muscle growth. Zass knew that in order to become professionals, he needed to improve. Thanks to the technique provided to him by Krylov, a renowned specialist in power sports, he began to train hard with kettlebells and a barbell. Here are some elements of a workout program.

Exercises by Alexander Zass

healthy lifestyle

Bench press

Barbell press up with one hand

Very interesting strength exercises of iron Samson. Raising a weight above his head, he crouches behind the second one, while the burdened hand is at the top. Squats for the second. Raises with a free hand from the second and pushes over itself. I think not many are able to perform such a circus trick.

But that's not all. The circus is a spectacular performance. In the arsenal of the future celebrity were chains, horseshoes, metal beams. Imagine a cannon firing a core weighing 90 kg and Sass catches his hands at a distance of 8 meters, holds the beam off the floor with his teeth, holds a 500 - kilogram block on his chest, which he beat with sledgehammers.

area telarasmerrost167.5 cm weight80 kg inspiratory chest circumference119 cmbiceps41 cmWith the beginning of World War I, he enlisted in the army. But here, cases are provided to demonstrate their strength and power. The transfer of a wounded horse on his shoulders, escape from captivity, performances at the arena of the Schmidt Circus in Hungary. It was on the poster of the famous Schmidt circus that Alexander Ivanovich first received the pseudonym Samson. Once in his usual element. Samson again broke the chains, under the circus dome he raised the piano with the pianist, bent the iron rods, and nailed his hand in nails. Arrest and escape again. How much the Russian strongman had to endure, but the iron will, strength helped to pass all the trials and tribulations.

The following years of performances at the arenas of European countries, thanks to the Hungarian wrestler Chai Janos, only Samson gained popularity, but outside of Russia. The circus power athlete died in 1962 in England, leaving the admirers and students methodological manuals, developed strength exercises. Today they are all dear readers. Russian strongmen of the past will find their continuation in the third final part. Continue to love sports, lead a healthy lifestyle, train with the blog BE ALWAYS HEALTHY. Best regards, Sergei.

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