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Russian strongmen

Ivan Vasilyevich

Russian strongmen

Sergey Eliseev - was born in 1876. Together with his brother Alexander, they had a heroic build from birth. Working from workshops on the railway skillfully threw two-pound weights. Fond of the fight. Eliseev won the first victory at the Sabantuy festival, the requisitions of Gabdrakhman Salikhov who had not lost before this. In 1898, Sergei received an invitation to a tournament in St. Petersburg. He began to prepare harder. The fight required athletes to have strong legs. To increase the load, Eliseev fixed lead plates to his boots, and carried out jogging. The future champion paid attention not only to muscles, but also to proper nutrition. In April of this year, Eliseev was only the second, but attracted the attention of power sports enthusiasts with his strength and dexterity when working with weights. The last weighing 62.45 kg., He calmly lifted above his head and lowered horizontally, holding it for several seconds. For such a trick - a record, he received two gold medals. It is considered a world record. At the world championship in 1899, where the most powerful athletes of the world gathered in the Italian city of Milan. Eliseev struck the foreigners with his silushka. They did not remain in debt. For lifting weights when performing strength exercises significantly exceeding the weight of the athlete, Eliseev went around everyone. For this I received two gold medals. This and the next year, Eliseev will become the champion of Russia in weight lifting and jogging. A recognized athlete becomes the world champion in 1903. Throughout his life, Eliseev maintained his physical fitness. After the revolution, did not leave Russia. He trained hard and practiced with weights, barbells, dumbbells. An interesting fact in 1925 was the wrestling match Eliseev - Poddubny. The result of the fight is a draw. Died one of the pioneers of domestic strength gymnastics, wrestling Sergey Eliseev at the age of 63. The dimensions of Eliseev were not so impressive with a height of 176 cm, weight - 83 kg. But a competently designed training program and nutrition allowed the athlete to gain the prestige of Russia on the world wrestling platforms.

Russian strongman Ivan PoddubnyI think in Russia many people know this name. Born on October 8, 1871 in a peasant family. From childhood I learned labor on earth. At the age of 17, he is sent to work as a loader in a seaport in the city of Sevastopol. Yes, it was with the circus that the career of a circus strongman began. In the sand of the circus circle, the port loader successfully defeated such eminent fighters - Lurich, Pappi.

He successfully traveled with a circus troupe to a large part of the Russian Empire, speaking at the arena promoting Russian strength and power. Soon Poddubny became a full member of the St. Petersburg Athletic Society. In 1903, it was he who was sent from Russia to Paris to a prestigious wrestling tournament. Under the gaze of coach Eugene de Paris, Poddubny was preparing for fights with famous world athletes. Trained Ivan Maximovich as follows. At first, he fought sparring with a fighter for 20 minutes, then immediately went on to another fight lasted 30 minutes, the third - 50 minutes. Training continued until sparring partners fell off their feet.

body size

At the tournament, Poddubny reached the finals, where he met with the Frenchman Raul Bush. Many have seen a film about Poddubny starring M. Porechenkov. The Frenchman went to the trick and greased his body with a solution that did not allow for a grip, his hands slipped like clockwork. But the judge was ignored by the fact, and the Russian hero lost.

The failure did not break, already in 1904 in St. Petersburg won a tournament to combat prize money in the amount of 55 thousand rubles.

The next world championship was to be held in 1905 in France. The athlete continued to train, even in his spare time when walking, he used a heavy cane. The time has come for the tournament. Poddubny passed all. He won the world title and received the winners tape and 10 thousand francs. After such a victory, the Russian wrestler continued to travel around Europe and win tournament after tournament. In the period from 1905 - 1909 he was the unchanging world champion. After the October Revolution, Ivan Maksimovich remains in Russia and continues to win tournaments at home, abroad, including in the United States. Overseas sports functionaries offer to stay 53 year old athlete in America offering large fees. Poddubny refuses. After returning, he continues to perform in the circus until 1941. The country adequately thanked the athlete, conferring the title "Honored Artist of the RSFSR", "Honored Master of Sports". The Russian strongman Ivan Poddubny died on August 8, 1949, and was buried in Yeysk. For clarity, look at what dimensions the famous athlete had.

gold medals

part body size 184 cm weight 120 kg chest circumference (on exhalation) 134 cm biceps 45 cm forearm 36 cm wrist 21 cm 50 cm smear 104 cm hips 70 cm 47 cm shank 44 cm Ivan Vasilyevich Shemyakin Another bright representative of Russian wrestlers. Born September 3, 1877. In his youth, having moved with his family to St. Petersburg, he became interested in the circus, especially with power performances. Circus athletes aroused the imagination of the young man, and he zealously began to pump muscles using improvised objects in the form of beams and blanks in the workshop where he worked.

At one of the classes in the admiralty society of gymnasts, a powerful guy was noticed by I.V. Lebedev. After meeting Shemyakin begins to engage in the power circle. Having reached a certain level, in 1899 he wins his first kettlebell tournament, then becomes the Russian weightlifting champion. Having achieved success at the national level, he decides to become a professional athlete. On stage, he lifts weights two pounds in weight with the little fingers of his fingers, ten people swing on the shoulders of the hero.

After serving in the army, Shemyakin begins performing at the arena of the St. Petersburg circus. Lifting weights, Ivan comprehends the basics of the French struggle and begins to defeat many fighters of Tsarist Russia. The foreign performances of the athlete begin. In Madrid in 1907, became the first among the fighters. Then wins the championship tape. Returning to his homeland, he puts power numbers. One of Shemyakin's chips, a number when a metal beam was bent using a shoulder. By the way, Shemyakin was one of the first who began to demonstrate the beauty of the body (bodybuilding, what types you can find here), at demonstrations after wrestling fights. Possessed in relief proportions of muscles. The Russian wrestler won for many years. Circus performances attracted the attention of Soviet spectators until 1941. Ivan Vasilyevich Shemyakin died in 1952, leaving a large galaxy of students and followers in sports clubs. An interesting fact in fights with Poddubny was always a draw.

part body size height199.5 cm weight120 kg weight46 cm chest134 cm biceps 49 cm hip 73 cm leg46 cm Here are some exercises of Russian strongmen.

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