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Shoulder Training Program

muscles shoulder girdle

Shoulder Training Program

The program of exercises for each bundle of shoulder muscles will contribute to the growth, development and strengthening of each muscle group separately, from these programs you can compose your own for yourself by paying attention to the lagging muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Front Beam Training Program

The main purpose of training the deltoid muscles is to gain mass from here and it is necessary to pay attention to some features of the training process of the anterior beam, these include.

The basic exercises of the shoulder training program consist in a high-intensity approach with the maximum working weight. Each athlete already knows his maximum weight. There is no need to strive to immediately grab large weights and perform 4 times and die in the first approach, you must keep within one approach in 6-8 reps.

isolated exercises that work exactly the front of your shoulders must be present in the program.

concentrate when doing exercises in the negative phase, while approaching, try to lower the barbell or dumbbells more slowly than usual.

at the end of strength training, be sure to stretch. This will allow your muscles to recover quickly and prepare for the highest loads..

working weight

The shoulder training program for weight can be performed separately or in combination with a set of exercises on the back. To whom it is convenient. The training program for the front beam shoulders is designed for 6 weeks. Then you need to change the exercises in the program.

exercises, repetition, rest, bench press, 363 min. Arnold press, 382.5 min., alternate lifting of dumbbells in front of yourself; 312 min., muscle stretching; 3 min. Training program with an emphasis on the middle bundle of the shoulder girdle

For effective muscle growth, you need to combine base and isolated exercises. So for the middle bundle of deltoid muscles, we focus on heavy basic and voluminous specialized exercises. When performing exercises, you need to look at the mandatory repetition in the first two exercises with the maximum working weight, perform the third qualitatively, with a delay at the top point of execution. A prerequisite for muscle growth is the control of the negative phase on your part, you need to lower the weights slowly.

exercises, repetition of rest, bench press 363 min. sitting dumbbell pressure 382.5 min. standing dumbbell lifting through the sides 212-152 min. Training program on the muscles of the shoulder girdle back beam

The back bundle of deltas is very poorly developed in beginner athletes. From here, this program will allow you to improve the structure of your back muscles of the shoulder girdle. But for this, pay attention to my wishes.

reduce working weight, the main technique of execution.

at the top point, be sure to linger for 1 second with each repetition

muscles shoulder girdle

continue to do such exercises for no more than six weeks then the training program for the shoulders needs to be changed.

when doing exercises with a barbell, take a little wider than usual; this maximally involves the back bundle of shoulders.

Now the program itself, which can be performed separately or in conjunction with exercises on the pectoral muscles.

Exercises of repetition of relaxation of the barbell to the chest in a slope 382.5 min. of barbell dumbbells lying on the stomach 312.5 min. of the reverse dilutions in the simulator 3112 min. of swing with dumbbells from a position in the slope of 3152 minutes. Everyone can make a program for pumping the shoulder muscles, it all depends on the desire and desire to change their figure for the better.

And someone will ask, but how can the girls also perform a similar complex? Typically, girls visiting the gym do not pay due attention to the deltoid muscles, believing that the developed muscles of the shoulder girdle will make them masculine. You are mistaken, the girls beautiful shoulders are no less sexy than the hips and chest. In addition, genetically, the muscles of the shoulders of women do not grow as fast as men.

Shoulder Workout Program for Girls

Combines exercises with a barbell and dumbbells, this diversifies exercises and will contribute to muscle growth. Dumbbells and the working weight of the bar must be taken with the condition of 10-12 repetitions per set.

exercises, repetition of relaxation, standing barbell 48-122 min. lifting the dumbbells to the sides 410-152 min. alternating lifting the dumbbells in front of you 310-152 min. pull to the chin 3112.5 min. dilution in the slope 410-122 min. on my blog. I hope this article helps you to pay more attention to the growth and development of the muscles of the shoulder girdle, and the training programs for the shoulders that I proposed to you will contribute to the progress in building a beautiful and slim body. I look forward to your comments and thoughts on this topic and of course share with friends. Best regards, Sergei.

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