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The most spectacular sports

spectacular sports

The most spectacular sports

I wont arrange in places; well just go through it, but what is the most spectacular sport. Each man will choose for himself. Girls can also take part and choose for themselves a real men's sport.

The main difference from other physically active sports competitions is the presence of wrestling, spectacular moments, power martial arts. Moments that real men love and admire the beautiful half of humanity.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA, UFC, etc.)

Brutal martial arts is gaining fast pace of popularity. It reflected reflections of the brightest throws from the fight, the cool boxing shock technique, painful techniques from jujitsu. A fighter without rules must have a unique technique. Those who have absorbed the best of most martial arts achieve high sports results. Spectacular performance of fighters in the octagon attracts millions of spectators to stadiums and to television screens. Physical power, pumped up bodies, beautiful tattoos - puts this kind of sport among the most spectacular sports.


For a long time is one of the most popular sports. Of course there are people who do not understand how two dozen men run for one ball for 1.5 hours. But a large audience of men around the world consider European football to be a beautiful sport from a sporting point of view. And in Brazil it is a national sport for both men and women, although it has English roots. Today, crazy money is spinning in football, players are selling and buying for crazy money. Advertising, the sale of television broadcasts - this is only the commercial side of football. Entertainment is a beautifully executed free kick, hitting a player through the ball through himself in the fall, a beautiful goalkeeper safe. For this, millions love football.


most spectacular sports

I consider the most masculine sport. As the song says, A coward does not play hockey. A very power sport. Power techniques, fights, shots on goal, a great game of gate keeper, strokes and feints with a stick on skates, high-speed passes to the zone, courageous falls under flying pucks, beautiful goals - the decorations of any hockey match. All these are attributes of the main spectacular winter sport. In our country, this sport has been a leader for a long time. Of course, the most powerful players perform in the NHL (National Hockey League) in the United States and Canada. This is not only a sport, it is a lot of money. Hence the entertainment. Over the course of several decades, European countries have begun to perform successfully at the global level. Hockey is conquering new territories in Asian countries, popularity is growing.


I will not say that I am a bright basketball fan. But I think the ring-ball in brutality and entertainment is not inferior to the above sport. The popularity of this sport is boldly attributed to America in the world. Where the children of the black quarters already from the cradle begin to throw the ball into the ring. The National Basketball Association attracts attention with precision three-point shots, bright passages under the ring, block shots. And performed with a slam dunk - shown in the photo, turn the player into the god of basketball.


Well, how not to note the classic look of martial arts of two athletes in the ring. The most popular, highest paid sport in the world. The growing popularity of MMA cannot push professional boxing aside. Endurance, work with legs, arms, battle tactics for 12 rounds, the result - knockout is admired by boxing fans. Isnt the real, most masculine sport.


I will attribute the struggle of two teams on a green lawn to brutal sports for real men. Looking at the dimensions of rugby players, you will envy physical fitness. Such physique also attracts the views of the girls of the world who understand the rules. And in the game there are tough clashes, interceptions, swift passes, military commanders will envy the tactics of coaches. Competitions are regularly held - a cup of 6 nations. Popular - in England, France, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.

Of course, you can continue to list men's sports, but in my opinion these are the most spectacular sports where men perform. And if you are not familiar with the rare sports of the world, take a look here. That's all for today. Dear readers, love sports, engage in yourself, lead a healthy lifestyle. Best regards, Sergei.

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