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Training program for the pectoral muscles

incline head

Training program for the pectoral muscles

As you already know, our chest has several zones (anatomy of the pectoral muscle) that you need to train with various types of exercises. To begin, Ill propose combining the exercises in a complex for the upper chest.

Before getting acquainted with the program for training the pectoral muscles in its upper part, let's get acquainted with the features of the complex of exercises.

-Basic exercises are carried out highly intensively, this consists of the following, 3 approaches of 6-8 repetitions with a maximum bar weight for you

-In isolating exercises, we will focus on high volume. In other words, we will perform exercises of 12 repetitions, pay attention to the quality of performance with a mandatory pause at the peak of contraction and with small weights (each one selects a weight for himself). This will provide the correct technique for performing the isolation exercise in the pectoral muscle training program..

-The presented set of exercises on the upper part of the pectoral muscles affects the muscle growth factor. We include to them:

The accumulation of large amounts of creatine in muscle tissue

The accumulation in the muscles of the chest of lactic acid (lactate)

incline head

Stretching muscles, resulting from overcoming the load

Microtrauma in muscle tissue

-The duration of the complex exercises is 8 weeks

-Lead time is 1 week.

Training set of exercises for the upper pectoral muscles Exercises for repetition of rests between sets The bench press in an incline (head up) 363 min. The bench press of dumbbells in an incline (head up) 383 min..

A set of exercises for the chest Now we will combine all the exercises on the lower part of the pectoral muscles, and I will offer you a set of exercises for working out this part.

As always, consider the features of this complex.

- high intensity of execution. This feature consists in the high-intensity performance of basic exercises. In the first and second exercises, you need to take the maximum working weight for the set number of repetitions.

lower part

- high quality performance of isolated exercises. Perform repetitions in the range of 12-15 times. The last two exercises focus on quality, so in slow execution without heavy weights.

- we consider growth factors. This complex is designed for effective weight gain in the lower pectoral muscles.

-the complex can be combined with training of the back or biceps, you can of course and separately carry out this program for a day.

- The duration of the complex is 6-8 weeks

- The frequency of this complex on the lower chest is 1 time per week.

Lower chest pump program Exercises Approaches Repetitions Rest between sets

Bench press lying down (head down) 3 6 3 min. Dumbbell bench press in an incline (head down) 3 8 3 min. Crossovers on the upper blocks 3 12 2.5 min. Breeding dumbbells in an incline (head down) 3 15 2 min.

The lower part of the pectoral muscles is developed slightly worse than others, so this complex is perfect for mass gain in the lower part with a clear condition for observing the proper diet, rest time and taking sports nutrition (creatine + protein).

In the future, we will get acquainted with the program for training the pectoral muscles to build strength and mass, there will be a set of exercises for the pectoral muscles for girls, as well as a program for explosive training. Pay attention to this home complex for men, for girls working at home, a home set of exercises for girls with dumbbells is suitable Sincerely, Sergey.

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