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Training program for three days

classic lying

Training program for three days

Greetings to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport!

The most popular technology for perfecting your body in bodybuilding and strength fitness is three times a day. We work out our muscles with exercises, combined in one plan. In simple words, a three-day training program will be presented today. Available to most visitors to gyms and fitness centers. Family work, worries do not give daily walk and swing. A day later, quite a force for many.

Each visit to the gym will include independent complexes. Between the study of certain muscle groups, a day of rest is necessary. Distribute the schedule. Odd days - work with weights, even days - break, vice versa. In any case, the fibers will be involved under load, with a recovery period. How to recover read here.

But I want to warn this set of strength exercises designed for trained athletes. The experience of the latter exceeds three months of working out in the gym according to the circular method. Beginners can get acquainted with this complex for burning fat. After passing boldly go to this program.

The main principle of the package is the split system. Each muscle is pumped once a week. When combining in a pair of exercises, the main attention should be paid to workload in training, in order to effectively obtain the result.

The essence of the training program for three days a week in the gym is to combine the study of two muscle groups into one. We swing our chest with biceps. Triceps shoulders. This gives the maximum effect of damage to muscle fibers, their growth and obtaining high-quality muscles. Abdominal training will be included in each training day. More information about the press is available here, here, take a look here.

Training program three times a week1 lesson

block crossover

number of breasts classic lying 3X4 - 8X12 dumbbell wiring at an angle of 3X4 - 10X12 lowering the arms from the upper block in the crossover 3X4 - 10X12 biceps lifting the bar while standing 3x4 - 8x12bringing the bar with the back grip 3x4 - 8x1010 bending the arms 3 points 10-12-10 (example). Get more information in the comparison chart on the blog..


Exercises Chest. Deltatricepsum classic lying down 103,619 dumbbell wiring at an angle 103,013 Arms from the upper block in the crossover 9009

2 occupation

naimenovaniekolichestvospinatyaga rod in the slope wide hvatom3h4 - 8h10tyaga rod in the slope reverse hvatom3h4 - 8h10tyaga his head from the top bloka3h4 - 10h12giperekstenziya3 - 10h12nogiprisedanie with a barbell on plechah3h4-10H12sgibanie, extension sitting in trenazhere3H4 - 10h12podem on socks sidya3H4 simulator - 10H12presspodem feet in upore3h10-12skruchivanie3H10- 12 turns with a barbell on shoulders 3ű8-103 occupation

name number of arms we extend the barbell from behind the head 3x8-10 swing the dumbbells to the sides 3x8-10 swing forward dumbbells 3X8-10 the triceps of the bar lying with a narrow grip 3x8-10 French press with a dumbbell with one arm 3X8-10 extensing arms from the upper block 3X8-10 ankle rest 3 legs 10-10 -10 I think for advanced bodybuilders such a plan just right. For convincing growth, muscle fibers periodically need to change load plans. Muscles must always be stressed. For one trip to the gym, the load goes into two groups. It seems to be little involved, but more time for the concentration of target groups, with high-quality pumping.

Comprehensive training program for three days Pay attention to the implementation of approaches and repetitions. There is a basic exercise that is tiring a muscle and two isolated approaches. Targeted fibers are targeted and targeted.

It should be recalled with one swing to get a beautiful, sculpted figure does not work. Youll even die on the simulator, you wont get big cans without proper nutrition and proper rest. Share with your friends in the social. networks of this training program for three days, maybe they were looking and did not know which one to choose. Do it yourself, love sports with Sergey Tyapkin's blog, Be Always Healthy. Best regards, Sergei.

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