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Warm up before training

strength training

Warm up before training

Greetings to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport!

Any self-respecting gym or treadmill athlete knows a warm-up before training - this is the most important element of a training program. As people of art say, the theater begins with a hanger, but with us? Building the perfect body begins with warm-up exercises.

Individuals come across, this applies not only to beginners of fitness centers, but also to inveterate representatives of muscle pumping. Ignore this point and immediately run to pull free weights or exercise equipment. Ostensibly saving time. Complete nonsense.

This is a set of different exercises for warming up and preparing muscles, joints, ligaments for the upcoming loads. We prepare the body for physics. Many may say so, because the body is always in motion. Hands legs, head. At work, we move our hands, got up to pour water, the legs turned on. Yes it is. But do not forget a person leading an active, most importantly healthy lifestyle, exposes his body to additional physical exercises.

That's why you need a warm up

- minimizes injury

- efficiency after a warm-up, for example, before a strength training is doubled

- adrenaline rises, the intensity of your complex rises

- improves the passage of blood through the vessels. Capillaries expand oxygen, and nutrients flow to organs, muscles faster

- metabolism (metabolism) accelerates to the speed of a Ferrari

- ligaments become more elastic

- improves the performance of muscle fibers

healthy lifestyle

- morally, the athlete is better tuned to take new sports peaks

- the temperature rises

See how important this process is

How to conduct a warm-up before strength training I want to make a reservation warm-up can be dynamic, static, special. If you are working with a barbell or dumbbell today. Training should be dynamic. What means? While in the gym, a Cardio simulator (which one is better here) is suitable, jumping rope, hoop. After 5 minutes, move on to stretching movements for 3-4 minutes. Last 1 minute for a special approach. At the end, feel free to start your training program..

Static warm-up (stretching) includes movements of the more familiar pulling and stretching of muscle groups, joints. The main thing is to warm up all the muscles.

Then we pay attention to the muscles that today will be plunged by the load during strength training. And these are special point exercises. They are more reminiscent of the movement in the air repeating work with weights. Take the barbell bar (light weight) and let the muscles remember the movement. Be sure the second and third stage takes place after dynamic movements.

Fitness workout - a set of exercises for girls, women before training This is for beginners in the gym, the beautiful half I offer the following options. Take note of the workout exercises dear girls. A similar option is also suitable for home..

1 pips Easy running on a treadmill. At home in place (jumping), rope

We begin to serve the muscles from the head and go down throughout the body

2 pips Turning the head to the sides and tilting forward, backward. 15-20 reps.

3 pips Swing hands alternately up and down. 30 strokes above your head will be enough. Kneading shoulders.

4 pips Circular lateral screw movements with hands. Start the corn screw. Do not take off only - 30 revolutions.

each direction pips

5 pips Tilts of the case to the sides, forward, backward. Keep your hands above your head or on your belt. 15 times in each direction.

6 pips The mill is the most famous exercise from the physical education program of schools. We prepare the body 30 in each direction.

7 pips Squats are the usual second option plie squats. Kneading legs. 15 squats.

8 pips Abdominal muscles, back. Lie down on the mat, make a boat. 10-12 times.

A workout complex before strength exercises for men. Ten repetitions of burpee. For strong men, several of these repetitions will warm up the maximum amount of muscle. We perform at a slow, medium pace.

2. Ten push-ups from the floor will perfectly prepare the pectoral muscles, arms

3. When training in the simulator, at home, the crossbar is perfect. A few seconds on the horizontal bar will warm up the biceps, triceps, back, press.

4. For the preparation of the lower extremities, a wide step. Hands on the lower back five deep steps forward.

5. Sit on the floor, stretch your legs forward along the arms along the body. We pull the socks on ourselves, try to grab the last hands.

Here's another example of a workout video

The time should not exceed 10-15 minutes. Here's something like that you can hold a warm-up respected men. But ahead of time, do not finish. Its better to work out the muscle and groups in a precise way, and if youre already warm and determined to start the training program.

Warm-ups before training are the right choice for real bodybuilding athletes and athletes.

Its better to stretch and not exercise than to train and not to stretch

You will follow this rule, your success in building a beautiful figure will be on the face. I wish you success. Today you had Sergey and a blog about sports and a healthy lifestyle. There are questions or additions, comment on your options, share. In conclusion, an example video on the topic of the article at home.

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