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Weight Training Program

weight home

Weight Training Program

Greetings to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport!

Happy New Year 2018, Merry Christmas Congratulations! I hope I had a great weekend with health benefits! Today I offer several exercises for the main muscle groups. The main thing is training with your own weight, which will allow you to get involved in a training regimen after the New Year holidays. Previously, I suggested that you work out with your weight The next step is a series of elementary exercises without weights, simulators for muscle groups of which any athlete, even a beginner, will make a home workout with his kilograms of weight.

The exercises presented will help you to make

Training program with your weight, start with the main body - chest.

name photo

push-ups from the floor (types). The number of approaches and repetitions you choose for yourself.

push-ups from the position of the letter "L"

side bar on straight arms. Main on each side to perform the same number of repetitions

from the position of push-ups from the floor, bring the hand to the opposite shoulder

cotton push ups

Here from such exercises for the chest, you can create a workout program with your weight at home

weight home

We continue to carry out an effective workout with your weight at home. Next in line is the muscle group - press

name photo

from lying swings to the sides

lie on the mat, legs bent at the knees, raise the body

from a lying position we raise our legs to a certain angle. Who can

reverse twisting is another abdominal exercise to program at home with your weight



The above and below presented types of muscle pumping of the body can be performed every day, in a circular manner. Only highlighting which muscles will be involved on different days of the week.

We pass to the biceps of the arm

Many people pump muscles using their weight..

name photo

name photo

push-ups from the floor, palms open. Some may find this difficult, you are not required to set records. You do this for yourself at home

pulling on the horizontal bar with a reverse grip of the hand or in the absence of a crossbeam. Install a pipe between the two chairs and pull up from the floor with a reverse grip

The next effective exercise to create a training program with your weight at home, biceps resistance from the doorway

work with your weight in the form of narrow push-ups is excellent for triceps

So, part of the exercises from which you can easily create a training program for yourself using only the weight of your own body, we went through.

The next step in pumping muscles to create a workout program at home with your weight will be our legs.

name photo

legs lunge alternately forward

Climber is an excellent exercise for quadriceps legs.

standing position we raise our knees high, easy bouncing

The presented home workout with its weight will benefit men of different body constitution and experience. The main thing is mens desire, a little time, their own weight. Because you can choose to do a circular workout, at least every day, change the program of the training process. . I wish you progressive muscle growth, a quick process of burning fat, to perform without injuries. I am waiting for you on the pages of the blog BE ALWAYS HEALTHY. Sincerely, Sergey. If you have any questions, you want to supplement the program renirovok exercise with their weight on their experience to write in the comments to the article.

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