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Why can not lose weight

cant lose weight

Why can not lose weight

Greetings to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport!

What are the reasons that prevent you from losing weight? Many people have noticed that with intensive fitness, which includes a set of exercises for weight loss, proper nutrition - exclude the use of fats, minimize carbohydrate intake, maintain a healthy lifestyle - all bad habits are absent, they do not change in weight loss, its impossible to lose weight. The weight of our body on the scales does not change, although it seems we are doing everything right, and the unfortunate numbers on the scales froze in one position. Why all the same does not work for lose weight. Let's try to figure it out. In this case, do not give up and go on a hunger strike in the form of water and bread. You just need to carefully analyze your diet and some aspects of life activities. Look, maybe among these reasons you will find those that do not allow you to lose weight.

# Drinking water is not enough. Water is the source of life. They all know this very well, without food a person can live 8-10 days, taking into account a dry fast. Specialists say that after two weeks the human body begins to break down. Without water, a person can live no more than 10 days and at elevated ambient temperatures +35 degrees 2 days. In our cases, drinking water speeds up the metabolism-metabolism process. Cells receive the necessary amount of fluid, which speeds up the process of splitting food. Dimo drink throughout the day, for people leading a healthy lifestyle and visiting the gym, you need to drink an average of 1-1.5 liters of water. For example, in the morning when you wake up, drink a glass of water, it saturates the body with liquid, because the body was dehydrated overnight before drink some water with any meal, this will reduce your appetite and you will consume less calories. During the training process, do not forget to drink water. Drinking water will limit you to drinking unhealthy sugary drinks like soda and juice.

# Skip breakfast. It is an erroneous opinion that skipping breakfast creates a calorie deficit. In the morning, our body needs fuel to start the metabolism process, and in the absence of food, the body starts to simply stock up in fat deposits for future use. If you have a hearty breakfast, you speed up the process of burning calories. Breakfast should include protein and fiber, which helps to stay full for a long time. Here is one answer to the question - why can not I lose weight.

# You consume too much healthy food. Eating nuts, fish, lean meats, vegetables, and fruits is a must for anyone to argue, but you need to control the process of eating your diet. There are a certain number of calories in healthy foods, so distribute the intake for 5-6 receptions . Calculate everything in a percentage ratio then, eating healthy foods will benefit weight loss. For this, there are measuring spoons, cups, scales.

# You dont need to eat a little. Do not try to lose weight with mono-diets. When studying the processes of proper nutrition, some people have difficulties to achieve their goals and they strive to improve their proportions by using mono-diets by switching to the use of only certain foods. This leads, on the contrary, to uncontrolled weight gain, since the body does not receive the necessary vitamins and substances can lead to health problems. Only the right balanced diet, combined with physical activity will help you lose weight. t only to uncontrolled snacking between meals.

# Training on an empty stomach. Training leads to a certain expenditure of energy by the body, if you did not have a snack in front of the gym, the body will take energy from your muscles, slowing their growth. Hence, there is a violation of the proportional ratio of muscles and fat. Try to eat for 1-1.5 saturate the body with nutrients / hours

# Eating does not happen at the table. Many people like to hide while watching TV or sitting at the computer, at this moment we are distracted from the process of absorbing food and do not monitor the amount of food eaten, because the body can give a signal at any time, that's all to me its enough, and its not advisable if you miss this moment. You need to eat from the plate at the table, chewing each piece well, enjoy the meal and not be distracted by other things.

weight loss

# No need to use the refrigerator as a snack. Of course, eating should be 5-6 times a day, but this does not mean that you should besiege the refrigerator and take all the contents from it. Prepare yourself everything in advance, including snacks and only take what you have cooked from it. In the evening, moderate your adventures in the kitchen to the refrigerator.

# It may seem strange to someone, but sometimes we rarely use a knife when eating fruit. But after cutting the food into pieces, we use it in pieces, and this psychologically affects the brain. We eat up small pieces at the same time. Try it yourself and see for yourself.

# Some people think that only cardio loads will help to throw off the unfortunate kilograms of excess weight. Remember only in combination with cardio with power loads we speed up the metabolism. Because weight training continues the metabolic process after training.

# Bad sleep is also one of the reasons why our metabolism in the body is poor. During rest, the body restores the energy that it takes from body fat, so you need to sleep properly for 7-8 hours. Yes, you yourself know how you are you feel when you do not get enough sleep. When you get enough sleep, the hormone of hunger is released in the body, which contributes to an increase in appetite, but this is not desirable.

# It is impossible to exclude from the diet some useful foods completely. It is only necessary to reduce their proportional use, they contain substances necessary for our body, and the exception will lead to a deficiency of nutrients.

# Insufficient use of greens and green vegetables. Peas, arugula, basil, parsley, cabbage are products that reduce appetizing reflexes and saturate the body with energy and vitamins and the calorie content in them is minimal. When you use these products, metabolism is much faster. Fiber in vegetables keeps the body full.

# Try to include street jogging in your complex, do not be lazy to get up early and jog for 30 minutes, this will help to cheer up and prepare for the hard day, give confidence and the body get involved in the work of burning the deposited fat layer. It will be better if it goes into your life on an ongoing basis.

# Do not focus only on low-fat products, sometimes manufacturers cheat and add sugar, salt for taste, so the body needs more consumption of these products, hence the increase in calories, so its better not to eat a little moderately fatty product. This is also the reason why you cant lose weight.

weight loss

# Whoever has not started a nutrition diary, be sure to do this. Counting the amount of food eaten and calories disciplines and controls you. As studies show, those who kept a food diary lost weight much faster. It will help you answer in the end why I cant lose weight .All will be outlined.

# A visit to a doctor leads to treatment. This mainly involves the use of drugs, and what else our doctors can advise. Some drugs stimulate an increase in the bodys appetite and weight gain. It may sound unfortunate. Ask your doctor for other drugs, but dont do this yourself. Only on the recommendation of a specialist.

# Try to wear clothes that emphasize your shape. This will contribute to the progress of weight loss. Loose clothes will not show the results that you have achieved. Give preference to sports style during the weight loss will be an incentive for physical activity and will give only positive emotions for the result..

# Be sure to do weighings once a week. The results will be the motivator for you in the future. Do not trust the weights in the gym or at home gym equipment, the figures do not always correspond to reality. The difference is 10-15%, remember this when maintaining a diary.

# Age can also be a reason that does not allow you to lose weight. The older we get, the slower the metabolism process. But do not despair an active lifestyle, it will help burn fat if we move more and not only in the gym. Try walk and climb stairs more often.

# Heredity can also be the reason why we cannot lose weight. If your parents are prone to obesity, then you can also suffer from it in the future. It doesnt matter, the only question is how much more you need to make efforts to work out in the gym gym and proper nutrition. On average, it takes 10-15% more than ordinary people. The main desire and willpower.

# Not the desire of loved ones to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. This is also one of the reasons we cant lose weight. Constant orders of empty carbohydrates in the form of unhealthy food visiting restaurants drinking alcohol, the lack of support on their part, as discussed in this article, can lead to negative consequences for you. So do not despair and try to explain everything intelligibly.

# You are too cruel to yourself. If you follow 90% of the right diet, you can afford to have some chocolate or cookies once a week, this will help you relax and remain confident in the right approach to eating and do not fall into it.

# If you follow certain diets (for example, the Ducan diet), you do not fully adhere to the procedures only half, so the process of losing weight is only half here, this is one of the reasons why you cant lose weight, only strict adherence to diets will contribute to weight loss.

Of course, you can supplement this list, but the less mistakes we will make when losing weight, the less this list will be replenished. Now you have an idea of the main points, apply everything on yourself. Then the problem will begin to move off the ground. I wish you success in achieving your goals in the process of burning fat and excess weight. I hope you follow the recommendations and the question of why you cant lose weight will disappear in the near future. If you have questions, write in the comments and supplement with your thoughts. Be sure to sign up for updates ix bloga.Vmeste we come to reaching the top in a beautiful building figure.S Sincerely Sergei.

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