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Why diet does not help

losing weight

Why diet does not help

Greetings to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport!

Why doesn't the diet help? - This is the question many people ask themselves. In our fast-running world, nutrition for many is far from the first place. But the time comes when this problem begins to worry, both women and men. After all, there is nutrition right and wrong. Incorrect ones are snacks on the go and harmful foods (sausages, fast foods and convenience foods), on the contrary there is a balanced diet, and a weight loss program. But on them you need to follow the regime and diet. Different diets (kefir, buckwheat, Kremlin, etc.) and different products and its very difficult to choose the one you need from a large abundance, especially in the process of losing weight. People want to go on any diet faster, turn to books they know, they want to study, use and quickly get results at an accelerated pace, but in the end they are disappointed and lose interest. According to the data that nutritionists conducted, most people do not follow diets. And they believe that not a single diet helps them. But to get the final result, you need time, but you want to get a lot right away. Perhaps a person in the beginning has a great desire to lose weight, but does not rely on his strengths, willpower, loses interest, cannot deny himself cutting calories and eliminating his favorite foods.

no diet helps to lose weight

losing weight

Before exposing your body to a certain test and not getting the helplessness of any diet for weight loss at the end of the path, on the contrary, be ready to find harmony and beauty. You need to understand the effect of diets depends on time, a fat burning program will give a result only after a certain period.

Therefore, to avoid the failure of the diet and prevent problems for yourself and your body, listen to some points.

any undertaking of the process of changing the diet is a complex program and has two directions. The first is to get rid of fat, a long-playing melody, and therefore, how you choose the instruments for your orchestra in the form of products, it will depend on how comfortable and convenient you are and how the diet will play melodically for you. Consistency is the second thing you need to pay attention to. The purpose of the diet is to remove the fat layer and not bring it back. It takes about 21 days to get used to and develop automatism of eating, it is better if it takes about two months. The sad fact is that many are losing ground at the beginning of the diet, far from the 21 day mark. If you have accustomed your body to certain foods, you have crossed the line of temptation and after a short time you will see the changes. The development of cooking habits according to a predefined plan, the inclusion of whole foods not refined in the diet, the calculation of BJU for every day, thorough chewing and eliminating the rush to eat. This is what is required of you. Agree, its difficult, but you can.

hunger. Science has proved that hunger is "not the wisdom of the body" and changes in metabolism do not depend on it, but on us from our diet of products, preferences. With the predominance of highly carbohydrate refined foods in food, it leads to an increase in hunger, hence we always experience a need for food. We continue to eat incorrectly even during the diet, and dump it on our body. As a result, we are waiting for the result, but it does not come. "The whole diet does not help us, why did I sit on it, it is not for me," we say to ourselves. To exclude such phrases, it is necessary to use high-protein and low-carbohydrate stimulants in the form of products in your vocabulary. Salad, vegetables, protein-containing foods will reduce hunger. Drink more water, thirst contributes to this, and not a feeling of hunger. Physiological altering in the body depends only on us. Therefore, adhere to the thought, we ourselves build our diet, and it depends on us whether the diet helps or not..

losing weight

struggle with craving for food. The constant desire to put something in your mouth, especially sweet or fatty ones, stimulates an increase in cortisol and leads to the rejection of any diet for weight loss. A slight increase in cortisol during strength training, contributes to the burning of fat, but its increase is unacceptable. Its rise enhances the appetizing reflex and increases the consumption of calories from fatty foods. The next thing you need to pay attention to the constant craving for food is excessive rigor. This can lead to the failure of any diet to help you lose weight. Pay attention to fats, they must be present on your table. Use olive oil when cooking, and dressing, prefer spices. Once a week, make your holiday obsolete, let me taste what you really like and what you are used to. Beginners and those who are going to lose weight such a practice is very handy.

one of the important points that you need to pay attention to when answering the question: why does the diet not help?. This is the pleasure of eating food. Getting rid of excess fat on the body, hard and time-consuming work. After all, you are depriving yourself of the products you are used to. To become a true gourmet of fruits and vegetables, discover something new every day. Experiment, cook dishes with the addition of natural ingredients, avoid sugar, trans fats, even from the same right foods you can cook new dishes with new tastes. Pay attention that every day you receive the necessary amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Then from the new food in your diet you will receive only positive emotions.

I train to only lose weight. When you keep one thought in your head during the training process, just to remove fat, even any highly effective diet will not help you in the process of losing weight. The energy expended requires a new one. From here, after a workout, we begin to eat, but for some it is a plus, for others a minus. Why? You do not need to think about one process, because training benefits not only weight loss, but also the development of endurance, muscle pumping. Make totals based on weight, chest volume, biceps, your well-being.

personally, I myself am responsible for the result of losing weight through diet. Nutritionists, experts, experienced friends are only assistants in obtaining the result, but the main inspiration and controllers are YOU. If the blame for what you ate will be shifted to another or circumstances, then what result can be discussed in such cases, then the diet will certainly not work and will not help you in any case. Believe yourself, strive to get the desired result yourself and reduce your body fat. To do this, avoid unnecessary snacks, plan meals for the day, start a journal of what was eaten in a day, strive to achieve it.

I hope these recommendations will help you and solve the problem of choosing a diet to obtain a high-quality result and will help in the process of losing weight. Comment, write what you are interested in and share your thoughts on the blog pages. Sincerely, Sergey.

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