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Why there are no press cubes

there press cubes

Why there are no press cubes

how many times this question we raised before ourselves. Of all the muscles of our body, it is to her that we are closely and reverently, wanting to receive the cherished 6-8 cubes of happiness. What methods of exercise on the press does not offer the Internet, what kind of tablets and belts cram quacks and scammers. Each of us, to a certain extent, experiences all of this on ourselves, but the result is still in place, so far there are no treasured cubes and a flat stomach. Whether we are losing weight or increasing weight, having a press is very important for every athlete. But do not be disappointed, but rather approach the so-called scientific point of view, and carefully examine the reasons that do not allow to achieve an excellent result in pumping the abdominal muscles. They will be useful to both boys and girls, both men and women. Below I will give an addition to the reasons for girls and women, but it is better when you read the whole article.

Why press cubes do not appear, let's consider the reasons 1. A small amount of muscle in the abdominal cavity. One of the reasons why you have no abs is a lack of muscle. Yes, you may have a well-prepared abs, but it is not visible because the muscles in the abdomen are very weak. The more abdominal muscles you have, they will clearly manifest through the fatty layer and the sooner others will see your result. To eliminate this reason, try to include exercises on the press with weights in your complex. Twisting, lifting legs, add a few pounds. For this, use pancakes from the bar, small dumbbells.

2. As it does not sound regrettable, but genetics matter to you. Bad genetics can play a cruel joke for pumping the press. Some people are genetically predisposed to accumulate fat on their stomachs. Even with high-quality shoulders, biceps, and chest, one drawback is a poor-quality abs. But in athleticism, all people are persistent. Therefore, only enhanced training and time can change the prevailing genetic situation. Do not be discouraged, but continue to exercise your abdominal muscles.

3. Do not have enough time to sleep. Long stay at work, watch a movie until 3 nights, or broadcast a football match, this leads to sleep deprivation. From here, the body rises cortisol, hence this hormone leads to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. So advice, change the mode of your day. Take 8 hours to sleep, and choose a different time to watch movies. By the way, in this article you can familiarize yourself with the top ten films about sports. A full sleep will provide an excellent opportunity to relax your muscles and increase your performance.

4. Do not drink enough water. Yes, it is water that helps us to achieve the treasured press. On average, you should drink 10 glasses a day. The lack of this living moisture in its pure form forces the body to take extreme measures and keep it within itself. Hence, we do not see our results under a layer of fat. Reduce salt intake, and it is better to completely abandon sodium salt-containing foods. Do not believe it, check it, and after a few days you can see a small result. Why you need to drink more water, you will learn in this article of my blog.

there press cubes

5. The body needs carbohydrates. Many diets provide for a complete rejection of carbohydrates, it looks quite wrong, carbohydrates are needed and when losing weight they just need to be reduced. Exclude, in no case. Hormones that help you fight fat start to behave differently. Therefore, metabolism slows down, hence less calories are burned and it becomes more difficult to lose weight. You see everything as interconnected, everything goes along the chain. Therefore, you can afford to eat carbohydrate foods once a week. Here is another reason why there is no press.

6. Your excessive attention to the press in the form of constant exercises only on this muscle. Such athletes build their training program precisely paying attention only to the press. This is not the right point of view. The muscles of the press are very small and there will be no result from the intensified exercises in this area, while you will no longer burn calories. Instead of doing abdominal exercises, pay attention to those activities that involve the whole body (squatting, burpie). At the same time, the development of all muscles is stabilized and will help burn more calories. Fat will leave all problem areas, including in the abdomen.

7. Try to control your abs not only at the time of training, but throughout the day. When working in the gym, you strain your muscles with exercises, why not do it outside the gym. No need to constantly swing it, you can just do vacuum exercises periodically, at work, tighten your stomach at home, tighten a little, these not tricky and fairly simple moments will become a habit. What will help solve the problem of your cubes.

8.Everyone who is engaged in a certain program makes a weekend for themselves, mainly they fall on Saturday and Sunday. This weekend everyone spends in his own way, but if you want to pump up the press, then exclude alcohol from your diet. Alcohol entering the body disrupts the metabolism, inhibits fat burning, your body begins to spend energy on your few drunk glasses of beer. Therefore, one weekend you can cross out all efforts, and complicate your task in the future. If you drink, fat will accumulate in the abdomen.

9. Life is constant stress. This phrase is not acceptable, and is another reason why there is no press. Work, home, family, loans, any problem causes a stressful situation. From constant tension in the body, cortisol is intensely produced, which contributes to the growth in the form of fat at your object of attention. If you want to be in good shape and look great, including your abs, take stress under your reliable control.

10.With observance of diets or programs for weight loss, exclude breakdowns from these programs. Low-calorie and low-carb diets can bring the opposite effect. A person begins to intensely absorb everything that catches his eye. Therefore, to avoid this point, analyze your diet, if you feel that the body is not coping with such a diet, try to abandon it. For weight loss, low-calorie diets are suitable (when there are few calories), but if the body needs energy (when there are very few calories), and you do not give it, then the need for calories will lead to gluttony and your press will never reach the best positions. You should eat as much food as you need, while actively engaged in fitness.

there press

No wonder I mentioned about girls at the beginning of the article. Let's add, to the above, in what ways you can make a flat stomach in a beautiful half of humanity. After all, not all girls dream about cubes, but want their belly to look attractive.

To begin with, let's see if you have diastasis. Diastasis is a discrepancy in the abdominal muscles as a result of being overweight or after giving birth. With diastasis, the load on the abdominal cavity cannot be allowed. Some ladies forget about it, and begin to pump up to remove a sagging tummy.

This does not need to be done, first you need to exclude diastasis in yourself. Basically, in such situations, they turn to surgeons, but you can determine for yourself. To do this, lie on a horizontal hard surface with your head up, legs in a horizontal position on the floor, posture of the initial stage of twisting to the press. Now touch the center line of the abdomen with your hand. If under the fingers you feel for the cavity, then this is a sign of diastasis. But it is better to contact a specialist. Exercise complexes exist for the treatment of diastasis. Do not be discouraged for 1-1.5 months, and you can work on the press.

Static and functional exercises dear girls. Burpy, an excellent exercise that strengthens the muscles of the body, hence the muscle tone and flat stomach. Add here the plank exercise, which generally strengthens and tightens the muscle ring at the waist and works out the transverse abdominal muscle perfectly. Therefore, be sure to use the bar in your workouts..

I am sure that after reading this article you will be more competent in approaching the issue of training your muscles in the press, and the question-

"Why aren't there press cubes?" Will fall away by itself.

Whoever has the additions can leave in the comments, as the ancients used to say, Live a century, learn a century. Best regards, Sergei.

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